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Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers - HeartCode
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04/29/2019 (MDA) - CLOSED, 04/30/2019 (MDA), 05/07/2019 (MDA), 05/13/2019 (SIM), 05/13/2019 (SIM), 05/14/2019 (SIM), 05/20/2019 (SIM), 05/20/2019 (SIM), 05/28/2019 (SIM), 05/30/2019 (MDA), 06/04/2019 (MDA), 06/10/2019 (SIM), 06/10/2019 (SIM), 06/11/2019 (SIM), 06/14/2019 (SIM), 06/17/2019 (SIM), 06/17/2019 (SIM), 06/18/2019 (SIM), 06/24/2019 (SIM), 06/24/2019 (SIM), 06/25/2019 (SIM), 06/28/2019 (MDA), 07/05/2019 (SIM), 07/05/2019 (SIM), 07/08/2019 (SIM), 07/08/2019 (SIM), 07/15/2019 (SIM), 07/15/2019 (SIM), 07/17/2019 (SIM), 07/17/2019 (SIM), 07/23/2019 (SIM), 07/23/2019 (SIM), 07/24/2019 (SIM)
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Marvin Radford 
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About the Course

HeartCode BLS uses a variety of eLearning assets such as dramatizations, eSimulations, animations, self-directed learning, and interactive activities to teach students BLS knowledge and skills.

After completing the online portion, students attend a structured BLS Hands-On Session with an AHA Instructor. This session focuses on meaningful skills practice, debriefing, team scenarios, discussions of local protocols, and skills testing.

HeartCode BLS is for healthcare professionals seeking an alternative method for completing an initial or renewal BLS Course.

Course Content

MDACC Employee Fee $ 55.00
Non-Employee Fee (Physician) $ 55.00
Non-Employee Fee (Non-Physician) $ 55.00
UT/Baylor Anesthesiology Residents Only $ 55.00
UT/Baylor Pediatric Residents Only $ 55.00

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