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These are the courses offered at Sim Center. They are listed in alphabetical order. Select a course name below to find more information and signup for that course. Use the grouping options to group courses by specific criteria.

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Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support - Experienced Anesthesiology Providers (ACLS_EAP)
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support - Experienced Provider Instructor Update (ACLS_EPI)
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support - Experienced Providers (ACLS_EP)
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support - Full Certification (ACLS_FC)
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support - Instructor (ACLS_I)
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support - ReCertification (ACLS_RC)
Advanced Code Activation Team Training (ACTT)
Anesthesiology Intubation of Transmittable Diseases (AITD)
Annual Instructor Update Meeting - ACLS (IUACLS)
Annual Instructor Update Meeting - BLS (IUBLS)
Annual Instructor Update Meeting - PALS/PEARS (IUPALS)
Basic Code Activation Team Training (BCATT)
Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers - HeartCode (BLS_HC)
Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers - Instructor (BLS_I)
Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers - Online Module (Key Code Only) (BLS_O)
Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers - Self-Paced HeartCode Online Module (BLS_SPHC)
BCM Internal Medicine Residency Procedure Training Curriculum (BCMIM_PTC)
BCM Internal Medicine Residency Simulation Training for Acute Clinical Scenarios (BCMIM_ACS)
Chest Pain Simulation (CPS)
Code Blue Orientation First Year Fellows (CBOFYF)
Code Blue Orientation for Pastoral Students (CBPS)
Communication Series (CSS)
Communication Strategies for Complex Patients (CSCP)
Contrast Media Reaction Simulation (CMRS)
CPR Challenge (CPRC)
Critical Thinking/Clinical Reasoning (CTCR)
ECG Review Course (ECG)
Fundamental Critical Care Support - Full Certification (FCCS_FC)
Fundamental Critical Care Support - Instructor (FCCS_I)
Fundamental Disaster Management (FDM)
GAP Post Conference Program (GAPPCP)
Health Adventures (HEALTH_ADVENT)
Heartsaver CPR AED (HS_CPRAED)
Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED (HS_FACPRAED)
HeartWorks TTE Simulator (HRTWKS)
ICU Orientation Workshop Day One (ICUO1)
In-Flight Medical Emergencies (IFME)
Infusion Therapy Annual Training (ITAT)
Interventional Pulmonary Fellowship Bootcamp (IPFB)
Interventional Pulmonology in Cancer Patients (IPCP)
Interventional Radiology Fellowship Training (IRFT)
Intravenous Initiation Skills (IVS)
ITLS Instructor Course (ITLS_I)
ITLS Provider: Advanced (ITLS_P)
ITT RN Training Course (ITTRN)
MedTac Training (MEDTAC)
Mentice (MENT)
Mock Code (MCODE)
Nurse Residency - Lecture (NRS_LECT)
Nurse Residency - Skills (NRS)
Oncology H&P Bootcamp (OHPB)
Patient Experience Simulation (PES)
Pediatric Advanced Life Support - Full Certification (PALS_FC)
Pediatric Advanced Life Support - Instructor (PALS_I)
Pediatric Advanced Life Support - ReCertification (PALS_RC)
Pediatric Emergency Assessment Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS)
Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support (PFCCS)
Pharmacology Review Course (PHARM)
Procedural Training (PROT)
Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine Bootcamp (PCCM)
Research Nurse Residency Simulation (RNRS)
Respiratory Care Scenarios (RCS)
Respiratory Therapy Skills I (RTSI)
Respiratory Therapy Skills II (RTSII)
Rising Stars: Ethical Conflict Simulation (RSECS)
Sepsis Simulation (SEPS)
Spanish Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED (Spanish_HSFACPR)
Standardized Patient Orientation (SPORI)
Target Temperature Management (TTM)
Universal Crash Cart Orientation (UCCO)
Zoll Pathway Program Observer (ZPPO)